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Guiding clients
to physical equilibrium through integrative health, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. 

Providing in-office, telehealth, and mobile services.  In-network with the following insurance companies:  Regence, Medicare, Cigna, Moda, and First Choice Health.  You do not need a referral from your primary doctor.

What are you willing to do to optimize your health so you can feel whole again? Let's connect to talk about your options. 


At THRIVE, you will find:

Holistic care for adults, children and infants.  We treat the whole person through integrative health, physical therapy, and occupational therapy services as well as coaching to achieve optimum wellness.   We believe in finding the root cause of your problem, which allows you to heal and restore your health.  Often, bodies need physical therapy even if they have not been involved in an accident.  There are various other causes for pain, weakness, and other dysfunction.  

Step One:
Finding the "Why"

We take an integrative approach to dig deep and identify the "why" to your problem. We will discuss your concerns and address the factors contributing to your health concerns so you have lasting relief. We will help you understand the underlying factors to your concerns.   

Step Two:
Building A Plan with You 

We work with you and provide supportive care to develop a plan that will empower you to take control of your health journey.

Together we will build your action plan to meet your health goals and invest in your future.

Step Three:
Take Control of Your Plan

Once you are recovering, we give you the tools to move forward and take control of your health and wellness.

You will go forward feeling confident and empowered! 


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